Smooth Molten Crystal Moon

Smooth Molten Crystal Moon

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Swarovski Crystal Moon adds extra dimension to the classic Smooth Bracelet.  With a touch of irridescence, this clear stone sparkles with an extra gleam of creamy yellow and pearly blue reflections. A perfect touch to any ensemble, and a Must Have for HEETnation HOTTIES in-the-know.  Sparkle on forever.  

SMOOTH Crystal Molten Bracelets are made with dazzling Swarovski® crystals and pearls, interspersed with complementary metal components on a premium leather strap. These classic and versatile lovlies are part of our core collection and can be worn alone, stacked and layered together or mixed and matched with our Rock and Rockstar leather strap styles or your own favorite bangles and cuffs.  Simple yet stunning and built to last, definitively HEET.

  1. Trademarked HEET Lock Clasp
  2. All Natural Premium Leather Strap
  3. Made with crystals from Swarovski®
  4. 100% Nickel-Free Metal Alloy
  5. Measures Approximately 7.25" Long
  6. Made by Hand in USA

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